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*finger guns*
Thank you Jen for tagging me in this, sorry for taking so long. she's asked for some facts about my bad bitch Aureus  Show me your teeth by CYDA-LUVA83

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters. (Probably will not do this because i am terrible)

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

1. Aureus has very little inherent magickal abilities. Can't use telepathy, can't use forest magick, can't cast any "vampire" spells(lighting things on fire, ect), can't learn healing, all that jazz. The gene just skipped him, because everyone else in his bloodline has magickal abilities that came with the vampirism.
2. His vampirism is caused by a malignant(is that the right word? idt that's the right word) parasite. If Aureus isn't feeding, the parasite triggers something(idk man I'm still working all the 'science' out on this, k) that causes Aur to become like a feral predator and go out hunting. I call it Instincts cause I'm creative. B)
3. An absolute asshole. Absolutely an asshole and has done some horrible things.
4. Mmmm, definitely will steal personality traits and quirks from people he admires. E.g., he really digs Eloa, a generally very calm and kind individual. As such will radiate those calm traits back at her when they're around. Does have his own core personality, but he's not quite sure what it is. When he doesn't know how to act, will go back to the behaviors taught to him while growing up in a high-ranking family. Dignity, man, gotta uphold the family honour.
5. Has some pretty bad PTSD and god knows what else from ferocious battles during his late teens/early 20s. Dreams can easily turn into night terrors and sometimes will almost completely dissociate if nothing's keeping his attention. As such tries to avoid the areas where the trauma occurred/the people who caused the trauma.
6. in the forest, his fur is really short and thin to help dissipate body heat bc the dude produces it like a monster gd. Unfortunately this makes winters a lil difficult.
7. Loves to read and paint. *blows kiss at the artists* Can play a couple instruments because they were taught to him but isn't passionate about it. Ya man can dance a mean ballet, doesn't really like it, though.
8. All the physical traits he has that are connected to the way he envenomates prey are based off a viper that lives in the mountains of Romania. (I can't remember what it's caaaaaalled. ;o; )


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Hello my TEF friend c':
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I also use Tumblr for posting my sketches and art if you are interested, I appreciate your support !

Have a warm and lovely day :heart:
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